Monday, March 9

the end ...


  did you know it is eight years since i started tippity tapping away here on my shiny happy place. i went way back and found my first post. i really truly had no idea what i was doing, nor where i was going and those were perhaps the happiest times of my rambling blogging journey. and it is without doubt, if it were not for my blog and you dearest readers i would not have done so many wonderful things, met so many wonderful peachy dearies and grown in so many wonderful ways. i spent many happy times, regaling whoever may happen to wish to read, clan moments, critter moments, crafty moments, thrifting moments and any other moments that i chose to share. and it goes without saying, there have been many other moments i did not share. some pants, some peachy.

gosh this does sound like it is turning into a farewell swan song, which is not my intention, for this is written not with sadness but happiness in my heart. i am happy to be leaving this lovely shiny place just as it is, for anyone who may care to visit or stumble upon me. however i have decided it is time to retire my blogging hat, carefully placing it back in my kitchen drawer and to continue treading the path i have started out upon in recent times. you will find me happily woolly tattooing and making little knits in preparation for my online 'atelier of sorts for small beings & grown~ups' opening later in the year. i will of course still be found over on facebook as and when nitty gritty things and photos need to be shared and you will find me daily in my happy place over on instagram. in a few months i have high hopes my new shiny online home will be all set up, a place for folks to visit and see what handmade wares i have for sale, all made slowly, with beautiful yarns and vintage materials. in my head i am seeing it as a happy heirloom collection of sorts and in my hands, those thoughts are slowly but surely coming together

and so before i close the final floral curtain upon this rambling and at times, bumbling stage, can i just say, i have been nothing but humbled by the kindness of others who came through the life i shared for the past 8 years. you shared my laughter, you shared my joy, you shared my pain and you shared my tears. how truly lucky am i in life to have had all this and more. and if this is it, if this is as good as it gets, then that is a~okay with me. for i have been blessed, and i will never feel quite so loved again and okay to be me, as the times i rambled on here and you choose to listen. 

thank you, thank you kindly dearest readers, old ones, new ones, furry ones and fruity cake ones. it may look like the end, but i assure you, it is not it truly really is not. 

the end 
this is just the beginning ...

Thursday, February 19

dottie and daughter ...

truth be told the past 10 days have past in a blur of being Florence Nightingale. 
my cogs are all foggy and i cannot string a sentence together without forgetting mid sentence what i am on about nor my reason for beginning such a sentence in the first place.

before Our Meg had surgery, we dabbled together on our first collaborative piece. 

she wove most magically, i stitched a woolly tattoo and then together we twiddled and fiddled until we said "enough, there will be no more twiddling and fiddling" 

i am beyond happy to have worked with her... 
i am hopeful this will be the start of something but only time will tell for we have a pond between us. for now i will work on enjoying this moment when our two crafty souls became one and not spend my time wishing for more. 
so much easier said then done.

Wednesday, February 11

florence and the meg ...

 at the moment i am florence nightingale, 
i rustled around in the kitchen drawer for my bonnet and it is pinned quite precariously upon my bonce for the foreseeable future. Our #1 had surgery yesterday and is now home recovering, however we managed to squeeze in a few days of crafting before the op. 
it was muchly lovely to pottle together talking yarny things and then coming home to sit side by side whilst Our Meg happily wove on her homemade loom and i woolly tattoo~ed.

for now though, i will pottle on my own... 

little short pottles around the shed whilst paying close attention to my girl and working on future makes. i am also working on other thrilling nitty gritty things which may cause me to be a little quieter than my usual quiet self here.